Sodium chloride, common salt, is essential to human life. Our bodies contain up to 450 grams of salt and we need to take in a few grams each week to stay healthy. The value of salt can be seen in the way Roman soldiers used to be paid in salt, leading to the phrase "worth his salt" and our word "salary".

The growth of industry has increased the demand for salt, both for direct use and as a raw material for prodcuing other chemicals.

Who We Are

NPM Industries is a local company based in Ulmera, Liquica that was set up in 2011 with an aim of sourcing and producing Iodized salt. NPM Industries penetrating the food industry in Timor-Leste with the set-up of the country’s first commercial salt refinery operation producing and selling iodized salt.

Given the growing population and a per capita salt consumption of approximately 3kg per year, NPM Industries sees salt production as a growing business.

  • High quality salt refinery operation

    The Government of Timor-Leste is promoting the consumption of iodised salt and in collaboration with UNDP, supporting smaller cooperatives to produce salt at a local level. Although this will improve the collection of raw salt,

  • New refinery delivers Timor-Leste's first local iodised salt

    Attended by Australian Ambassador Peter Doyle, HE Constancio Pinto, Minister for Commerce, Industry and Environment, HE Antonio da Conceicao, Minister for Education, and HE Veneranda Lemos, Secretary of State for Promotion of Equality and HE Joao Alegria De Jesus